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Bronwyn was born in South Bend. Her father worked for Bendix Corp and was transferred to Cincinnati when she was a little girl. She was raised in the Cincinnati area and eventually attended the University of Cincinnati, spending two years in the College of Design, Architecture and Art and earning her Bachelor’s from the College of Arts and Science, majoring in Art History and Design.

Bronwyn Stoner

Bronwyn Stoner

As a little girl, she can remember many ventures with her mom and her aunt as they combed the countryside attending estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Her family found the charming little town of Metamora, Indiana and over time bought, restored and sold numerous historical buildings, while owning and operating an antique business in the little white Methodist Church, appropriately named Meeting House Antiques.

Bronwyn met her husband on a visit to South Bend and moved back here for their marriage. She began working as a free-lance designer in the residential market, working with builders, designing model homes, showcasing houses and working with clients during the building process. After her children got a bit older, she spent seven years in the high-end retail furniture market. Her last position was Project Manager for Ethan Allen. Realizing that time was short with her daughter having only a few years left at home before college, she decided to start her own design business.

She had a core group of loyal clients and extensive resources to utilize and thus began her business, FineDesign LLC in the summer of 2008. FineDesignEstateSales.com was a natural offshoot of the design business. It began with a client that she had designed several homes for over the years. They wanted to downsize from two homes to one. The owner contacted Bronwyn for ideas on how to sell the entire contents of their South Bend home. Within two weeks, she had the contents organized, priced and sold. Several more estate sales are in the works. You can see her schedule under our Estate Sale page.

Bronwyn’s passion is competitive ballroom dancing. She will be testing for certification on the silver level this year and is incorporating some gold patterns in the routines she works on with her instructor, Brian O’Day, from DanceSport–on-the-Plaza.

Bronwyn’s son Drew, graduated from the Naval Academy and is in training to be a Tailhook Naval Aviator. He will receive his Wings of Gold next year. He resides in the south with his wife, Loren. Her daughter, Lauren, is a high school senior and candidate for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. She is in the process of deciding which college she will attend, enjoying the merit scholarship offers coming her way and sifting through her options.