Bronwyn Stoner , C.A.G.A., Allied ASID is an appraiser of Antiques and Residential or Commercial contents. With her 20+ years of residential design, furniture, art and accessories, and her early exposure to antiques from her family’s antique business, Bronwyn is able to provide you with superior appraisal services. View the rest of her qualifications here.

Why do you need an appraisal?

1. Insurance Art, jewelry, and expensive collections need an appraisal and separate rider for your insurance/homeowners policy. Most are not covered under general household contents.
2. Probate Settle an estate
3. Inheritance Comply with IRS Standards
4. Equitable Distribution To equally distribute estate contents among heirs
5. Pricing Pricing for sale by family/owner
6. Divorce Equitable distribution
7. Bankruptcy Valuing assets

The appraisal report becomes a legal document when submitted to an attorney and eventually in court. Bronwyn Stoner is qualified to be an expert witness in court. She is trained in appraisal report writing according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

An appraisal is not an offer to purchase. In fact, an appraiser would have a conflict of interest in appraising and then offering to purchase. An appraiser charges an hourly rate for appraising and report writing, and NEVER a contingency fee (commission) based on the appraisal amount of the report. If an appraiser wishes to eventually aid or assist in the sale of the contents, they may say so in the report.

Appraisers identify objects rather than “authenticate” objects. “ To become an expert and have the ability to authenticate you must study and develop an extraordinary level of knowledge and familiarity with the subject property.”,according to James Jackson, of Jackson’s Auctioneers and Appraisers.

A knowledgeable appraiser has a vast network of qualified experts to assist and advise when authentication and valuation is required. It is acceptable and, in fact, shows due diligence when appraisers seek qualified experts. Additional sources for advice should be noted in the appraisal report.


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