Custom Window Treatments

Elegant drapery panels look equally great in a traditional or contemporary styled room.

Investing in quality fabric is the key; cottons, silks, and linens are preferable but sometimes a fiber blend will work as well.  Pure cottons are the fabric of choice for prints, as 100% cottons take color the best and the pattern will be the very clear and vibrant.  The windows look majestic when the panels are hung on the outside of the window and up a few inches above the frame – six inches to ceiling height, depending on the room.The advantage to drapery panels is that they can move with you.  They can easily be installed in the next home – they may have to be hemmed, but usually not.  The rods can sometimes be adjusted as well. To give a more contemporary look to traditional pleated panels, the pleating style can be changed to a goblet or inverted box pleat instead of the butterfly pleat.

“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.”

– Dennis Waitley

In this bedroom a pleated drapery panel in a sheer fabric was installed wall to wall behind the bed to soften the room and to disguise the fact that the bed was not centered between the two windows.  Underneath the panel, a blackout shade was hung on each window to provide privacy.  The panel can be pulled back from each end past the window to open up the view of the beautiful woods behind this town-home, near the University of Notre Dame.


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